[PERSONAL] This clinches it

ImageWell, this is the first ride. My name’s Richard Surraco and I’m a random person. No, seriously, I go around the internet doing and viewing random stuff for my amusement solely. However, something grew on me lately. Something I never thought I was gonna aim for: I wanna be known. It means that I want people to look at my work and think about my name. People, I wanna live beyond me. I wanna leave something around. The only thing so far I have is my person and my crazy random ideas. And given I’m kinda scared that my person might be hijacked by some random criminal, you’re not getting it. The purpose of this place is twofold: I wanna show my crazy mind to you and I want you to try and make it just crazy enough to work. Yes, I want the best criticism you can give (and save the worse for you, please, because I’ll totally troll/counter-troll you for it). So, let’s begin with this!

As soon as I figure out how to start it, of course…